picture of joachim veithJoachim Veith, MD, MS Joachim Veith has longstanding drug surveillance industry experience in three leading global companies (Aventis, now Sanofi, Pharmacia, now Pfizer and Amgen) and one smaller biotech company (ICOS). He worked in safety departments both in US and in Europe. He successfully planned and implemented global drug surveillance processes, roles and structures as project leader of a global team. He managed local and global teams with country and company diversity. He has cooperated with regulatory affairs, development, medical affairs and product quality. He is experienced in global regulatory requirements for safety issues, individual and aggregate reports, analysis and assessment of safety issues, response to regulatory queries regarding safety issues, safety issues related to medical devices, approaches for handling safety in relation to product quality, risk management plans, and support of safety in clinical development. He has a special interest in coding questions and is past member of the CIOMS standard MedDRA query (SMQ) working group. He started his academic medical career specializing in pediatrics and neuropediatrics at the university hospital of Heidelberg, Germany. There he provided formal instruction for medical students and residents, and delivered presentations to medical professionals. He has a master's degree in computer science with work experience in academia and research centers.